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Monday, August 8, 2011

I Have the Best Boyfriend Ever!

It was one of those days. I was tired and hungry. I had worked hard all day in the blistering heat. I knew I wanted and needed to get in a long workout that night no matter what the cost.

Time 60min

Mileage 7.6mi

After a stop at the gym for a 60min run I drove over to Bryan's place to shower up and get ready for our biblestudy. I had exactly 20 min. to get ready and grab food while preping for tonight's discussion topics. Naturally, I had run extra long at the gym and didn't factor in enough time for dinner.

After a quick shower I was about to head out to my car to grab a cereal bar to hold me over til after study..... but my eyes lit up in surprise when I saw what awaited me in the dining room!

That would be:

Avocado, carrots, mixed greens, raisins, sea salted almonds, and black beans: aka the perfect salad!

It was the most delicious salad ever! Bryan is surprising me everyday and this was a a perfect treat! Its funny what things make me beam, but healthy food is definitely one of those things!


What little things in life make your day?

Delicious salads, working out, chocolate, enjoying the breeze...

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