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Oh how I love is to travel!  Ever since college, when I was on the cross country team, I learned how to pack my overnight bags at a moment's notice and head off to a new city every weekend.  Those memories I have from college are very unique- bonding with the girls on the team and traveling all over the state of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the national championships in Ohio.

Nonetheless- traveling is something I will always enjoy and I am so thankful to have married a man who shares the same passion.
Here are some links to some of the places I have been: (please note that some of these trips are in the process of being blogged about)

Girona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain~ The Wedding We Attended

Barcelona, Spain ~ Sagrada Familia and Park Guelle

Barcelona, Spain~ Walking Tour of Gaudi's Works

Montserrat, Spain

Carcassonne, France~ Exploring The Castle City

St Augustine, FL (Coming Soon)

Costa Rica ~ (Honeymoon Recap Coming Soon)

Detroit, Michigan~ (For the Holidays, Coming Soon)

Paris, France~ (Coming Soon)

London, England~ (Coming Soon)

Edinburgh, Scotland~ (Coming Soon)

Orlando, FL~ (Our Trip to Disney, Coming Soon)

Boston, NYC~ (Boston Marathon, TREK Relay, Coming Soon)

Vero Beach, FL~ (Wedding We Attended, Coming Soon)

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