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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I decided to sleep in today and am planning on going for a run later this afternoon. Hopefully around 30min or so. It is just gorgeous out today!
In the meantime, I have been enjoying some Dunkin Donuts "Old Fashioned Donut" coffee while reading blogs. I could get used to this type of Sunday morning.  Normally I am rushing out the door to church, but I decided to catch a 5pm service at my church last night and loved it!  I think I will make this a regular part of my schedule more often.
I am also loving this "new-to-me" website called Houzz.com
There are some great home renovation ideas on here!  I love this!  
So far it's been a nice weekend! 

This past Friday night, Bryan and I decided to go on a date night.  We have both been so busy with work/home renovations that we needed some time for just us.  It ended up being a great night- we were able to just hang out and laugh together, which was so needed.
We also made brownie sundaes and watched the movie "Playing For Keeps" with Jessica Biel. 
Source ~ Ad from last year
Although I love Jessica Biel as an actress, I do have to wonder why she chose this role.  She was good in the movie, but the plot was lacking a bit. Oh well, classic chick flick I guess ;-)
Today I am making the most of the sunny, 80s weather.
As you can see, our back pool area still has a lot of work to be done- but it looks 10 times better than it did a month ago. 
Our back pool area, 1 month ago
February is the month we are finally going to get some gorgeous landscaping put in. I can't wait!  Imagine palm trees and bamboo shoots!  YES! So glad we put in new screen so we can actually enjoy it.

Well, I am off for a run!  I am going to be catching the game downtown later tonight.  Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

What's your favorite Super Bowl party snack? What are you making this year?

I decided to try my hand at coleslaw for the first time. Despite popular beliefs, there are actually a lot of healthy options out there (its all about the dressing you use) and I bought a coleslaw spice mix that will make it delicious no matter what, lol. how do I know?  First ingredient - SUGAR. (okay maybe it wont be that healthy after all, when-in-Rome)

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