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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to unWINEd!

I woke up early and got my run in yesterday morning because I knew that I had a busy night ahead, including my much needed hair appointment! I ended up running 4 miles at 7.3 pace and 1 additional mile at 7.6- though the last mile was hard to stay motivated. Perhaps it was the fact I had gotten up 1.5 hours earlier and was tired. After my run, I brewed a cup of green tea and checked my emails. One was from my mom at 7am in the morning - she had woken up thinking of my sister, brother and I and our faith in God. She wrote a letter encouraging us to start reading the Bible. She is so sweet and very random at times- but it was a good reminder none-the-less. ;-)

Later that evening, after a long full day of work, I headed to my hair appointment at my favorite salon- Artisans. Upon arriving in the door I was directed to lounge in the stylist chair while served me a glass of Merlot and cookies. There is a reason why I go there! haha.

I have been going to the same stylist for a year now and she remembers almost everything about my life so we talked as I sipped wine. It was so relaxing. From relationships to shopping to gym workouts- we have a lot in common...

After the salon I headed to meet Bryan. We had made dinner plans at Bar Louie- a place with amazing drinks, even more amazing salads, and a great atmosphere.

The food was delicious. We watched the Pistons game (did I mention he is a HUGE fan?) and ordered grilled chicken salads. Yes, that's right, Bryan ordered a salad!!! :-) Grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens topped with avocados, blue cheese crumbles, cucumbers, diced egg, garbanzos, and house dressing on the side. It was so good!
After dinner, Bryan suggested we walk to Starbucks around the corner to get tea lattes. It was a perfect night to be outside. Slightly humid but still nice. Just another reminder that Spring is right around the corner!

Question to Think About...

What types of literature inspire you the most? Do you read a document such as the Holy Bible, biographies, or life psychology books?

For me its a combination of all, I really enjoy biographies of people's lives so I can learn from their life experiences. I also like the Bible for that reason as well- reading about people's lives and their interactions with God.

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  1. That sounds like something my mom would do too!

    I need to start reading my Bible more. It is sad how quickly things like that take a back burner!