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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tailgating, Baseball, and Rap

An odd combo you may think ... but that is just how it unfolded. We got a bunch of people together for the Marlins game and with a pitstop at Costco were on our way to a crazy evening in Miami.

With all the fruit on sale, even at COSTCO!, we got enough strawberries to feed an army and a HUGE watermelon for $10 total! We also went crazy with the Chicken, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, 7layer dip, veggies, pita chips and hummas, cookies, brownies etc. Yum!

Rain or shine we were going to stick it out til the Ludacris concert after the Marlins game. Secretly I think that is why most people came haha. I mean go Marlins and everything- but they lost anyways.

I am a fair-weather fan, its true- but I do love baseball sporting events!

Thank God for SUV fold-up trunks (aka "umbrellas") ...

And the above famous couple picture! Hey I may actually start a scrapbook one day!.... One day....

Question: whats your favorite sporting event to go to?

I like baseball, basketball, polo, and football. To me its more about the experience and friends then the actual game- though I definitely root on my team! :-)

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