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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Energy Secret

Yum! There is just something about Chocolate and Peanut Butter! Its delicious, savory, sweet, and salty. Thats exactly what I had for lunch today- in the form of a PURE protein bar.

Life gets hectic and sometimes I don't have energy or time to think about lunch, but finding these bars was the answer to my lunch dilema. At only 180-200 calories and 20g of protein, these bars get me through the lunch hump and give me plenty of energy til my 4pm midday snack prior to my gym workout around 5:30pm.

Every morning my lunch takes 2 seconds to pack- time well saved to use towards getting ready, eating a balanced breakfast, and do a little reading before work. These bars have allowed me to have more time management in the morning.

I don't get paid to advertise, but they are delicious! And perfectly enjoyed with....
This! A Grande Zen Green Tea Misto with Soy. $2.28 drink + $1.25 bar = $3.53 lunch :-)

Tonight's workout:
Turbo Kick class... One Hour of kickboxing

Tonight's Agenda:
Grab salads to go with Bryan
Bible study! yay!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

This is my daily routine chillen at Starbucks :)

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  1. Kick boxing, starbucks, pure protein bars, bible study. Those are like 4 of my absolute favorite things!