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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tailgating with Friends + Longer Run

What could be better than a beautiful evening in Miami with amazing friends, tons of food, and the Marlins!?! We decided midweek we would go down for the game. Glad I ran beforehand because there was TONS of food ranging from burgers, chicken, hotdogs, and my favorite- Strawberries!

I watched the guys play football at the tailgate. Someone had to watch (eat) the food table ;-) Glad I got in a run in the morning!!

Distance 7.5 miles

Time 60 min

I am hoping to up my mileage over the next few wks and possibly get enough training to run the Disney Half Marathon with my friend Sarah in Feb.

I love baseball games mainly for the experience. Although it slow moving and football is my ultimate FAVORITE sport to watch- baseball is a perfect chill spectator event for summer nights:-)

And its always better when you have the best people to spend it with!

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