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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Florida December!

In honor of the first day of December, I decided to include a picture taken at the beach. 

Yup, the weather is STILL beachy! 

It's so hot, yesterday I could have laid out (if I wasn't working).

As much as I wish we had a more "wintery-feeling" December, I am not complaining.  The sunshine brightens my day and I am thankful.  I just will be even MORE thankful when I can wear my cute peacoat, boots, and scarf ;-)

Today's Workout:
I hit snooze 10 times this morning (my version of sleeping in.... I need to change that) so I decided to do a yoga session tonight.  I also went in for a chiropractor adjustment this morning so that kind-of is like a workout, right???  For my back at least :-D

Happy first day of December everyone! It's an escially special day as well because it's my parent's 27th wedding anniversary! Awwwwww! :-)

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