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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lunch at "the tree"

If you went to PBAU, like I did, then you became very familiar with one of the most romantic, awesome hangout spots on Palm Beach Island- "the tree."  Just a bike ride away from campus, the tree was a perfect place to catch an afternoon nap, illegally carve yours and your boyfriend's initials in the branches (hint- I know who you are!!!), read a textbook, or have a picnic.

In fact many engaged couples go there for their engagement/ wedding photo shoots.

"the tree"
So, when Bryan and I started dating I introduced him to this glorious haven.  We grabbed lunch-to-go at Makeb's Bagel Shop, and parked on on of the shaded benches to munch on our everything bagel club sandwiches.  Two words describe it...."Ahhhhhh :)"  and "Yum."
me at the tree

Yes, forever I will love the tree and its magnificent branches.  Breath-taking.

-----------------Today's Workout-------------------
3 miles on the treadmill
2 miles along the waterway (much much better!)
50 crunches
25 side crunches  (hello Summer abs, here I come!!)

Do you have a favorite park, trail that you find yourself going to often?
The tree is one of mine if I am craving quiet, secluded.  I also love to go walking downtown on Saturday mornings if I want to be around lots of people.
Do you make time to get outside each day?
I do.  I notice such a difference in my mood.  I am much happier with a little vitamin D.

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