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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Relaxing Evening

Lately I have found that I relax, truly relax, when I leave the TV off. At night I get home from work and cooked dinner. Naturally I was tempted to veg out in front of the TV until Bryan got home. However whenever I spend my evening doing that I feel so unfulfilled at the end of the night. TV also makes me crave snacks when I am not hungry.

I decided to take my evenings as a time to enrich my mind. I ended up researching new workouts on you tube and catching up on my Health and fitness magazines instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the TV. It was wonderful and I truly felt relaxed and productive at the same time.

I read all types of health articles including:

Making me crave some pasta! Yum! Who knew that one serving of this supplies one third of your daily fiber goal and it less than 400 calories!?!

Now for some words of inspiration:

Thank you prevention magazine!

That was my night! Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!

1. What do you enjoy doing to relax? 
For me- reading a book. For my husband- watching tv :-)
2. Do you have a magazine subscription?  If so, what one do you subscribe to?
I just started subscribing to Prevention and love their informative articles. I also Subscribe to Self, Glamour, and Good House Keeping.  (in my opinion- WAY too many to keep up with so I am waiting for the Glamour one to expire, haha)

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