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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Monday was a nice productive day at work. I decided to forgo my morning run and get started early.
Sometimes getting an early start on things makes me more motivated. The feeling of being on-top of every situation that arises.  Here is a picture of my office....
In other news, we started our house hunting search on Saturday! It is so exciting to picture my life in each house and the memories we will create as a family.  until now I wasn't ready to "settle-down" and live in a house. I still wanted the fast-paced urban lifestyle that I could get living in high-rise condos downtown.  But now, I am ready to make something my own.
For example, the house pictured below.  I love the huge windows and can envision myself relaxing on a sofa reading by window-light after a long day at work.  Maybe taking a dip in that huge hot tube in the back ;-)
Sunday evening we had a pleasant surprise!  Chris, Bryan's relative came up from Miami to visit us.  We had a blast!   
We took him to one of our favorite Greek restaurants downtown and went for a long evening stroll downtown. 
A fun weekend indeed!

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