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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 1: Europe, Girona, Spain

We had the opportunity to go to a wedding in Spain just recently and I must say it is a GORGEOUS country. 

The wedding was to take place in Barcelona, mid-trip, so we spent a few days North of Barcelona- in the cities of Girona, Spain and Carcassonne, France.  The architecture was breath-taking!

Once arriving to Spain at 9am we rented a car and drove to our first city to spend the day exploring.  We didn't really know anything about the city prior to going and we so excited to explore. We ended up in some pretty amazing places.

 Les torres del passeig de la Muralla.  I felt like I went back in time walking the stone passageways on the outskirts of the city. 

After an 11 hour flight, we were surprisingly energetic and ambitious (perhaps the fact that we were in Spain helped with the excitement, haha). After a day of touring, we checked into our bed and breakfast in Carcassone.

We were more than pleased with the window view!  We then headed out to dinner in the castle city.  And of-course.....

We HAD to get dessert!  It is impossible to not get ice-cream and chocolate crepes with every meal in France :-) A perfect end to the first day!  (more of the trip coming up...)

Have you been to Spain?  Where and what did you go, do, see?

This was my first time to Spain, specifically we were in the region of Catalonia.  The culture was beautiful and traditional.  Catalonians try the best they can to hold on to their Catalonian roots in everything they do, including language.  We learned really fast that to speak Spanish ("Castilian") was not as welcomed.  Also my first time in Southern France.

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