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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Salad Combo!

After working all weekend at a conference in Fort Lauderdale, I was so glad to have a lazy day today. After a leisurely morning at church, Bryan and I were craving healthy food so we went to Publix to see what we could find. We ended up getting a Kashi Roasted Vegetable pizza and adding pineapple and chicken at home before baking it. It was Delicious!

And then theres my favorite salad combo.

The best salad combo in the world:

Chopped Fresh Peaches
Avocado slices
Sea Salted Almonds
Goat Cheese
Spritz of Lime

After a huge salad and our semi-homemade pizza we watched a bit of the Heat/Celtics game and fell asleep on the couch. I love lazy Sundays. We are going to squeeze in a quick gym session later tonight I hope.

Can't wait for Valentines Day tomorrow! No excuses, I am going for a run in the morning no doubt, gotta have room for all the chocolate ;-)

Do you normally get something for your significant other on Valentines Day? If so, what do you get them?

This year I think I am going to surprise Bryan at work with something- something chocolate dipped, involving balloons, and thoughtful, hope he likes it! :)


  1. I've had that Kashi pizza before, and it is delicious!

    We didn't get anything for each other this year for Valentine's Day.

  2. I love the Kashi! And everything they make has so much protein- insane!

    No gifts on Valentines Day makes it simple at least :-) Love isn't about the gifts anyways!