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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Light meals, rich desserts, and surprises!

Last night was full of surprises! I love surprises! :) The day started out as any normal day would: a text from my boyfriend, a run at the gym..
However, being that it is the first Valentines Day for Bryan and I, knew I wanted to surprise him. After my morning route of physicians offices, I swung by a local bakery downtown, ordered an arrangement of chocolate dipped strawberries, cream puffs, and cannolies, a stuffed animal, some chocolates, and a balloon. After putting them in a huge gift bag with a card I dropped them off at Bryan's work to be delivered to him while in class.

A half hour later I got a text message- I knew he had recieved it ;-) That night, I arrived at his house, ready for the next surprise. He took me to my favorite restaurant Seasons 52! I love how I can order anything on the menu and not feel a tinge of guilt for it being that EVERYTHING on the menu is under 475 calories and made with fresh quality ingredients ;-)

Our dinner looked a bit like this:

Garlic Roasted Shrimp Skewers with Avocado for starters!

A glass of Pinot Noir (for me)

2 bottles of Heinekens (for Bryan)

Rainbow Trout w Roasted Vegetables for me.

Cedarplank Salmon w Roasted Vegetables for Bryan

And the finale ........

Two dessert shots! (far left) Lemon meringue mouse over vanilla pound cake with whipped cream and peanut butter chocolate mouse with white chocolate shavings. Divine!

After dessert we went back to Bryan's place, changed into comfy sweats, and watched a movie.
Later on, I got my Bachelor fix. At this point, all the girls on the show have become a bit too emotionally involved. Bryan came in the room periodically and made a point that before seeing the show he had imagined the experience of being on the show as a single guy's dream- surrounded by women fighting for his attention. But now- he saw it as a nightmare- dealing with tons of jealous women, crying, exhausted, and emotionally draining everyone around them. I couldn't agree with him more after last night's episode lol.

But Shawntel sticks out above all the rest to me. She is the most down to earth, positive and real.

We can only wait and see....

I was listening to my local radio station this morning and it seems that several people do not celebrate Valentines Day for different reasons. Being the curious person that I am I love hearing different people's veiwpoints! Do you celebrate it? Why or why not?
In college, when I was single I always celebrated it- but MAINLY as an excuse to get together with my other single girlfriends and eat chocolate and watch chick flicks!! Now, dating someone, I am indifferent about having to celebrate it or not- but I still love the chocolate and spending an evening with Bryan ;-)

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