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Monday, February 28, 2011

I wish they were all nice!

I can only laugh....Rude people can so easily ruin a day if we let it. I woke up this morning to extremely rude people. I canceled an appointment with my dentist and the receptionist called me inconsiderate and hung up on me midsentence. (I am switching dentists). Then an elderly man on a bike cussed me out as I was driving. This is no way to start a Monday! These people must be so unhappy deep down. I feel sorry for them instead of angry.

Instead I am choosing to focus on the good things in my life! My weekend was so nice! My mom came early Sat morning and we spent the whole day outside- buying produce at the green market, brunching at Paris Sidewalk cafe, gazing at the waves on Juno Beach, strolling along the waterway late afternoon, and finally watching the nightlife begin as we ate strawberry pie at an outdoor restaurant on the island.

It was refreshing! Followed by Sunday- stretching at a 6:30am yoga session, socializing with friends after church, admiring the detailed art at the street painting festival, munching on a cafe salad at the Cottage Cafe, and relaxing in the hot tub, and sipping on wine at the beach at dusk.

Isn't it crazy how fast things around us can change- one day to the next?! From a perfect day to chaos and rudeness.

I can't wait for my gym workout tonight.. things can only go up from here! :-)

Pictures from this weekend to come soon!...

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