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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Benefits of Mango + Tonight's workout

This morning I started with a huge bowl of freshly sliced mango. The smell, the sweet refreshing taste, the delicious flavor! I love everything about mangoes! And they go with everything! Chicken, spinach salad, tortilla chips, desserts, ice cream, EVERYTHING is better with mangoes ;-)

Since I consume many many mangoes on a weekly basis I decided I would provide the nutritional benefits of mangoes in a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!!!!

Did you know that Mangoes ....

Improve Digestion- with powerful enzymes they aid people with indigestion problems with their several bio-active elements.

Lower Cholesterol- (I should subtly inform my dad) due to their high level of soluble dietary fiber, Pectin and Vitamin C. They lower Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol.

Make for Better Sex- (great to know!) the 2.3-3mg of Vitamin E boosts the sex drive.

Improve Concentration and Memory- (wish I knew this fact in college! lol) Glutamine found in mangoes improves memory.

Treat Acne- (this one was interesting!) If you cut mangoes in thin slices and place on your skin for 15 minutes, it absorbs dirty oils that clog pores and cause acne.

Provide High Iron for Women- (as a runner, I am lacking iron) mangoes are rich in Iron which is lacking from many women's diets today.

Treat Diabetes- (good fact to know) the fruit AND the leaves help fight the disease! Put the leaves in water overnight and drink in the morning.

Prevents Cancer- (what fruit doesn't... ;-) ) Mangoes have lots of antioxidants.

If you haven't already, check out my mango pie recipe.


Tonight's Workout:

I have a 5K race coming up on Saturday, and wanted to get in some miles this morning. But it just wasn't happening on 5 hours of sleep. So I opted for a Bikram Yoga session tonight instead. I love Bikram! I looked forward to the session all day.

It is the one time I can completely clear my mind and focus on me, focus on being me, focus on breathing, being thankful for who God created me to be. I believe Yoga is just as healthy for the body as it is for the mind!


What was your workout today?


  1. Mmm I love mango! And who knew it was so good for you! Good luck in your 5k!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will do GREAT!

  2. I love bikram and mangos as well!

    Today is my day off for the week.