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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salsa and Bikram

In line with spicing up my workout routine I am attending a Bikram yoga session and taking Salsa lessons tonight! I am so excited to try something new!

A few friends of mine (guys actually!) found a salsa lounge downtown that offers lessons for $5 on Thursday nights. Hey, if I can support them to learn a few dance moves to impress the ladies and learn a few things myself- I'm Definitely in!!!

So, I am curious what to wear to a Salsa class. I guess it never matters the first time. I can fall under the "I'm new, I don't know anything" category.

Just for fun, I googled ridiculous salsa outfits and came up with the following:

Hopefully I can do better than this! haha.

Have a great Day!!! XOXO



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