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Friday, August 26, 2011

Chasing Daylight + Racing Yachts

First off, I would like to open with a picture that completely steals my heart!

This picture is precious!  Do you remember being a little girl and being so fascinated by simple little things in life? 

I am reading this book called Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus.  He talks about living a passionate life and embracing each moment.

This is soooo helpful to me in my daily exercise!  It takes so much motivation to go everyday but my day really feels so much more accomplished when I have gone!   

Today's Workout:
5 miles along the waterway.

As I was running my bridge-to-bridge loop, a yacht was cruising alongside me. I knew I might be held up at the bridge because of it -I know- a whole 5 minutes!

So I seized the moment ;-) and raced the yacht to make it over the bridge just in time.  As I had just stepped off the bridge lift, the traffic lights started to flash and the drawbridge started to lift. Whew! 

After all that running I needed some serious energy for the workday.....  which is great because:
I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox yesterday!

Free Starbucks?  Don't mind if I do.  I will definitely be enjoying each moment today. 

Have a great Friday!  Any weekend plans?

I am planning on Spin Class, a birthday event, etc.  Love weekends!

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  1. Heck yes for free Starbucks! Haha never can go wrong there :)