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Monday, August 29, 2011

Double-Cheesecake Factory Weekend Fun!

This weekend was the perfect relaxation I needed!  I started off Friday night by going to a church event with Bryan.  They served root beer floats afterwards in the lobby so I kept dinner on the light side (a salad and Fiber One bar). 

Then Saturday was my friend Heather's 27th birthday celebration!  After a day at the pool with Bryan, I took a long hot bubble bath and got ready to meet the girls at Cheesecake factory to celebrate!  I was so excited to finally wear my teal dress I wore to a wedding earlier in the year. 

Girls Night = perfect excuse to dress up! 

Then on Sunday, Bryan and I met up with some friends for church and lunch.  Guess where we went? 

Cheesecake Factory (AGAIN!!!!) I guess I am addicted this weekend ;-) I ordered off their new Skinnylicious menu which I highly recommend!

Later, Bryan I and I spent some time relaxing in the sun here...
The pool at my condo.  I love how relaxing it is with a view of the waterway behind us.  We got in some great reading time (a weekend must for me!)  

the pool, ahhh!
Weekend Workout:

1 hour Spin Class and 10 minutes stair climber.

I am curious, what is your favorite cereal bar? 
I like Fiber One right now, but always am curious to try new ones.

Cheesecake Factory fan?   Yes/No?
For sure!!!!

Do you always eat dessert? 
I eat it about 5 nights a week.  (usually healthy desserts involving dried fruit and yogurt + chocolate chips).  Saturday is ALWAYS an indulge day though ;-)

What are your typical Monday night plans?
I like to make Monday nights fun to start the week off right!  I am going to a friend's house for dinner with the girls tonight.  ...and watching the bachelor pad of-course ;-)


  1. Um, cheesecake factory? YES. I could eat there every day except that then I would weigh 400 pounds. Dang it.

  2. haha- I know right!!??! That and I would be flat broke too!