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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Blonde! Hello Natural!

So this is a random blog today... and looking back over it, it feels superficial of me to write but oh well! Here it goes! I am calling it my "fall makeover" edition.

The other night was one of change. A little side note about myself- change has always been hard for me! I am slowly getting better with time, knowledge, wisdom, life experiences that have broadened my horizons, etc.

For example, when I was a little girl back in the 90s. I had gotten home from school one day and my mom had decided to rearrange the basement furniture. I took one look at it and cried. The change was too much for me I guess?!?! So crazy to think that I literally cried over furniture!!!!! :-)

Looking back, I realize how silly that was, but it is part of my personality. Luckily I have now gotten to the point where I love to change things up. "Live a little" as some would say.

So with all that said, I decided to go back to my natural hair color ;-)


It feels so good to be natural again. Its the hair color I was meant to have and my hair soft and healthy again!

Once I saw it for the first time, I didn't like it. So naturally I called my mom to unload this petty life situation to her. (Its a girl thing).

After sending a few phone pics over she convinced me that it is WAY better darker! Gotta love moms!

So today.... I am confident and just happy to be who I was created to be!

Props to my hair stylist Nicole! :-)

5 mile run this morning along the intracoastal waterway. I got to catch the sun rising over the water. It was breath-taking!

Exciting Update:
I am also EXTREMELY excited to announce that William was welcomed into the world yesterday! He is a very cute, healthy, perfect baby boy and I am soooo excited for his parents!

I now have baby fever and was thinking this morning how nice it would be to have a little baby company on my runs... hello running stroller!

Don't worry mom, engagement fever and wedding fever are still first ;-)

Have a great Wednesday!!!!


  1. Wow! Your hair looks great both ways! 2 years ago I completely grew the color out of my hair. I didn't even know what my real color was at that point. Last year, after it all grew out I had it highlighted again.

  2. awww, thank you! I know, I was at that point too - I had no idea what my natural color was