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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I just needed a little beach in my day!

First of all, I am loving this short work week so far!  Tuesday flew by and just 2 more days til another weekend!  I enjoy my job too which helps! 

This past Labor Day included 3 BBQ back to back to back.  I now officially need to do Spin class for 10 hours!

At the BBQs, we had all sorts of goodies including:

Bacon Wrapped Beef Dogs

Fresh Fruit galore :)

Yummy Leafy Greens Salad

But perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was .....

The BEACH!!!!   Living in S Florida, one would think I would be at the beach all the time, right?!?

I get so caught up in the other things in life that I forget how relaxing and enjoyable it is to walk along the coast.

I think I am going to try to make it a priority to come here more often.  I have lived several other places in my life: MN, TX, Mexico, Orlando- and the beach hasn't always been an option. (I had other things I loved about those places though).  But now I have the opportunity to soak up the beach while I'm here. 

While there, we even had company :-)  (Thanks Kris for dog-sitting again so we can have all the joy of pretending to be dog-owners for a few hours)

What is something you love about where you live now? 

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