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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Serene Night, The Place We Met

Bryan and I met 16 months ago through a mutual friend of ours.  The night we met, we ended up taking a walk to the docks in West Palm Beach and talking for hours.  I felt so comfortable telling him things- I was amazed by how well he listened.  We started dating a few days later!

16 months later, we decided to take a walk to the place we first met, the place we had our first kiss. "Our" dock. 

It was a perfect evening.  Breezy winds, textured skies, and across the waterway we could see a wedding party setting up for pictures.  It was so beautiful!  But I think the pictures do a better job showing the beauty than I can!

 Bryan sporting his Banana Republic ;-) He's so handsome!!

 View of Palm Beach Island

Today's Workout:
I woke up extra early (6am) to get a run in today and went 5 miles at 8:02pace.  I felt pretty good except I had a little discomfort in my upper right abdomen. 

Health News:
The reason I woke up early was to go see a doctor about this stomach issue.  Remember how I told you a few weeks ago my mom had gallbladder surgery?  Well, I seem to be having the same symptoms.  I need to make some major diet modifications including no chocolate, no ice cream, no gluten.  Hopefully I can find out whats wrong with me.

Has anyone ever had a gallbladder disease?  What did you do, eat?

What was something memorable about your weekend?

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