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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bookworm's Paradise

 One thing I love about Bryan and our relationship is that we both like to read.  Years ago, I never thought in a million years that I would say that as a plus in my ideal relationship but it's true! 

The other night, we decided to have a relaxed evening.  We stopped by Chick FilA for a few sandwiches and went to one of "our spots" on the island to talk and read.

It was that gorgeous time of day. 6pm when the sun is just starting to set.

I had to pull out my phone to capture the moment.  It was breath-taking.

As we were reading, I looked behind us on the trail and saw several runners going for their night jog.  What a perfect time to go.  It was nice and breezy and high 70s.

I had to go back to the car for a pen (yes, I can't read a book without underlining stuff) and when I came back I took this picture of Bryan reading.  We are both reading books for our relationship class at church.  I love that Bryan is so open to discuss what we are learning as much as I am. :-)

I am loving the book Love and Respect right now...mainly because it has so many real-life examples of relationships.

Today's Workout:
another 5 miler ;-) I usually keep my runs to 40 minutes in the morning so I have enough time to get ready for work.  I hope to get in more distance this weekend. 

Do you like to read?  What types of books do you prefer and enjoy?

I have always loved reading.  There have been times in my life where I haven't had the time to read, but it is something I truly enjoy.

Growing up I like fiction series: Judy B Jones, American Girls, the Boxcar Children, and Nancy Drew. Nowadays, I like real-life psychology books and autobiographies.  I like to learn something about myself and others when I pick up a book.


  1. I used to read some of those same books as a kid!

    And I totally agree about reading things (nowadays) to learn something--but not textbooks or anything! ;)

  2. Haha I loved to read as a kid and still do today :)