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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Company + Why I Run


This morning I decided to do a 5 miler at the clubhouse at my condo.  It was really early but I was pleasantly surprised to have 3-4 other people join me on the treadmills. 

No, I do not know these people.  They are residents to the condo just like me.  But they share a common passion- running endless miles at crack of dawn.

There are few words to express how I am motivated by other runners.  Even if they hop on and off the treadmill beside me for 20 minutes it is still 20 minutes that I get to run with someone. 

Haha, I always think about this when at the gym but have never written it down before.  Its sooo true though!  I get energy from other people's energy.  Sounds crazy but it's true!

While on the treadmill, I glanced out the window and saw the most GORGEOUS sunrise over the intracoastal waterway. 

That's why I run.  Everything else can seem to be in disarray around me.  I have reports to finish for work, doctor's appointments to schedule, bills to pay, laundry, the list continues, but all that doesn't matter the second I put on my running shoes and hit the pavement (or tread in the case of this morning).

At the end of my workout, a woman doing weights asked me if I was training for the Palm Beach Marathon in Dec.  She said she is going to try to do th half and she always sees me running.  I told her I was thinking about it. 

She told me to at least do the half.  I think I am going to!  Its the first step of registering that is always the hardest commitment to make- but I would be soo happy with a goal!

Thank you gym people for the encouragement!


  1. Whenever I see someone running, I automatically consider them a friend in my book. :) I instantly feel a strong bond with a fellow runner.