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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Weekend so far!

The Weekend couldn't have started any better than a 8:30 am Spin class!  The alarm went off at 7:45am and I knew that I wanted to get an early start on things to have the best day off possible.

The spin instructor kicked our butts but I was happy and sweaty afterwards! 

After class I stopped by the Farmer's Market to get fresh herbs and peppers to make my favorite egg white omelet these days....

Spinach, basil, sweet pepper, egg white omelet.  It was perfect alongside a mug of coconut ginger green tea. Ah!  Great start to the morning!

I enjoyed it while watching a few episodes of Gossip Girl.  I am on season 2 and am addicted!  (hate to admit).

After breakfast, I had some important things to take care of.... making an Easter basket for Bryan ;-) 

As I was constructing everything, I listened to Hillsong united on Pandora.  I have such peace!  I went to a good Friday service last night at the Harriot Himmel Theater and am blown away by how much love God has for us.  The whole story of Easter always makes me tear up.

They had music and communion and played The Passion of the Christ in the background.  It was soo intense and moving.

 After some great pandora, I ended up with the finishd product:

Bryan's favorites:
  • starburst jelly beans
  • milk chocolate bunny
  • cupcake bites
  • flavored tootsie rolls
  • m&ms
  • beef jerky
  • sour patch kids jelly beans
  • plastic bowl (instead of basket bc Bryan is "mr practical")
Well, I am off to go to the pool for a few hours and get my dose of vitamine d for the day :-)

Happy Easter!

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