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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disney Princess half marathon recap

It feels like forever since I have written about my training. life has been exciting! I haven't really done too many races this year but one race that was phenomenal was the Disney Princess. I highly recommend it to anyone.

I completed the Disney princess half marathon in February.

It was amazing! Everything Disney does is extravagant and over the top! Before the race started the winner from last year's race got up to the podium and wished us success. Then the fairy godmother, in full costume greeted us and told us she would be with us every step. Sweet fairy godmother ;)

My race results surprised me. I didn't really train for this race so I didn't know what to expect as far as time. When I finished with 1:37 I was more then pleased.  I ended up tying for 5 in my age group and was 31 woman overall. 42 runner overall out of 26,000 runners.

The best past of the race was certainly the pink medal with glitter and bling. Beautiful!
I run because it makes me feel strong. I run because it gives me energy and confidence in life. I run because God blessed me with the ability, I may never be the best but I love to get out there and give it my all.

The other best part was that I ran the race with one of my best friends I have known since freshman year in high school. We were all decked out in our tiaras.  I wish I could be a princess everyday!

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