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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sisters =)

 My sister is so creative.  When I was home this past weekend, she made me this:  
I want to make a scrapbook of all the creative things I have gotten from her over the years. I am so blessed to have a close relationship with my sister. Growing up 5 years apart, we ever really fought about anything and the older we get, the closer we get it seems.
I miss my family in Orlando, but it really is nice to be home again!  The weather has been beautiful lately and Bryan and I decided to take advantage of it after work and go for a nice long walk.
I think it's funny how we are matching!  We always seem to do that without planning, hah.
It was nice to stretch my legs after a long day of driving for work. We talked about all the neighborhoods we passed along the way and pictured ourselves in each one.  I am so excited to hopefully begin the process of looking for a house soon!  
On a random side note: Here is the fruit salad I had in Miami today. It even had fresh mango!  (of course I snapped the pic halfway through the salad) It was Delish!  I had a training in Miami area all day and stopped around noon at the local food truck with my co-workers.  I was surprised to find such a healthy option! 
I had the salad alongside a few protein bars and several cups of coffee throughout the day.  For some reason the coffee in Miami just tasted a million times better!!!!
What's your favorite summer fruit? 
I am loving watermelon and mango right now!
Do you commute far for work?  What do you normally listen to in the car?
I listen to talk shows and music (sometime I just need to clear my head and not listen to anything serious)

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