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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013 Recap

Happy Monday!  Here's re-cap of our Father's Day yesterday: Yesterday was so fun! We got to sleep in a bit and decided to go to the 10:30am service at church. 
Ethan was all dressed up un his cute little sweater vest!

Ethan with mommy
I love his smile!  So cute!

Ethan with Nana
I love my parent's church. It is smaller in size so it was nice to catch up with everyone afterwards while drinking a quick cup of coffee.  They coffee they serve is actually from a organic coffee mission called Java Mission. The coffee is amazing! 

Isn't my nephew cute?  I though it was fitting to post a picture with him and his daddy on Father's Day.

I can't get enough of my nephew! 

He is definitely at the age where he loves to explore!
After church we went out for brunch at "The Breakfast Club." 

I had never been there before and found it to be delicious!

My sister and her fiancé
The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting.  

I was excited to see that they had a "Healthy Start" section on the menu and opted for the "personal favorite" egg white veggie omelet with a side of fruit and English muffin.

It was really good!  After brunch, my sister, mom, and I went to purchase her wedding dress.  We finally decided on "the one!"  It is stunning!  I can't wait to share it with you all on her special day ;-)

After our shopping adventure, my mom and I went to Publix to pick up steaks and sides for our special Father's Day dinner.  When we got home, this little guy greeted us!

Before dinner, my mom and I also went on a 30min run on a newer trail she had been telling me about.  I forgot to take a picture, but it was nice and scenic.
I also stopped to pick up my Father's Day card to give to my dad at dinner.
He said he liked it! At the end of the night, after our delicious meal, I walked down the hallway and snapped a quick photo of Ethan and his daddy reading a story before bed. 

So sweet!  I cannot wait to have kids one day. I know Bryan will be such an amazing father.  But I also know I want to wait a little longer. ;-)

Hope you are having a great Monday so far!

Today's Workout:

I woke up extra early in Orlando and got in a quick run at the gym before heading home to work in South Florida.

I ran 5 miles at 7:53min pace.  Nice and Steady run, all while watching Hollywood True Story on E! 


Did you do anything fun this weekend? 

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