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Monday, February 10, 2014

This Weekend

This weekend, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and family friend were in town.  Saturday morning, I went for a quick run and then met up with them to tour a few properties near the beach.  The market is so good now, it is always enticing to see what's out there in terms of vacation beach rentals.
Afterwards, we went for a nice walk along the coast.

 Followed by lunch- Fresh Capris Salad and Gazpacho.
Yes, my mother-in-law is amazing!  Her cooking is delicious!
We finished the night at my relative's house for dinner.
And the star of the show: Key Lime Pie from "The Upper Crust" bakery!
On Sunday, I slept in til 10am, then started with a beach run along the coast
After a quick 30 min jog, I met my family at a beach café for brunch.
Followed by a trip to the green market and trip to a turtle aquarium.

 After a fun day of adventure, we came back to my mother-in-law's condo and relaxed for a bit.
I ended the weekend with a dinner date at Panera with Bryan followed by attending the night service at church.

It was so nice to get in some quality time with family. I am so refreshed and ready for work today!

How was your weekend?