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Friday, February 7, 2014

Wedding Recap: Groom Prep

It's already another day closer to Valentines Day, so here is another wedding recap ;-) keeping up with the month of romance.
Today I am going to recap the groom's morning before the wedding based off of what Bryan has told me how it went.  "Groom Prep" (All photos were taken by Robert Madrid Photo All Rights Reserved)
The morning of the wedding, Bryan got up like any other morning. He had stayed up late the night before writing a long letter for me to read the next day.  He made breakfast (eggs and toast), put on his tux and drove to the church around 8:30am to meet up with the other groomsmen (who were already wearing their tux's as well). 
When Bryan arrived, our photographer laughed and said he should have waited to get ready for the pictures.  This groom was well prepared  ;-)
The groomsmen all were to meet in the fellowship hall.  Before all the other guys arrived, Bryan's brother, the Bestman, presented Bryan with a gift.
 Spartan cuff links.  Bryan said he loved them and was happy for the chance to show his Michigan State Spartan pride on such an important day.
 Soon, it was time to reenact getting ready for the wedding album ;-)

Then my parents arrived. 
 My mom was so overwhelmed with happiness, she couldn't stop tearing up. Bryan's good friend Syed showed up next.
 And then the mother of the groom.
 I love this picture above, so beautiful!  Finally it was time to roll up his pocket handkerchief (just in case he needed it in the ceremony (I am telling you he was PREPARED)
 And then head out to the courtyard to see me for the first time.
He was off!  He said his heart started to race with the just the thought of seeing me in a few seconds!

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