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Monday, February 1, 2016

Life in 2016- Baby Showers, Fireworks, and Froyo

So I am going to try to write more frequently this year! It has been too long! I have still been running each day- I have cut the mileage dramatically to give my body a rest. I average 3 miles a day and speed walk about 2-3 miles. Somedays I don't run at all and just speed-walk 6 miles (about 90min). It's amazing how my legs still feel and look toned even without the running. Speed-walking is really no joke! It's nice to not be drenched in sweat at the end of a workout every once in a while too! (Thank God for Dry-Shampoo!) 

Last month I went to a friend's baby shower. It was so fun celebrating her little boy! I have about 6 friends that are pregnant right now with their first baby and it is so exciting! Soon, Bryan and I will be joining this group and we cannot wait to be parents!

For New Years 2016, we ended up going to a friend's house to watch the Michigan State Football game. It was so fun. We had turkey sliders, and a huge table of snacks, chocolates, and dips. A perfect way to ring in the new year in my opinion. It's so funny to think how much my idea of fun has changed! haha. I love low-key good conversations with close friends and would choose that anyday over a huge loud party with lots of booze.

Last year, Bryan and I went out for the celebration with another couple. It was fun too! I guess it just nice to mix it up each year!

The year 2015 was such an incredible year! So many blessings, trips to TN, Palm Beach Island, and Orlando. Every year I am married to Bryan gets better and better! WE will be married 4 (GASP) years in October 2016! Below is a recap photo of the year.

Another thing I love is how my little nephew is getting so grown up! Below is a pic of a text conversation I had with him the other day on my sister's phone. He is so sweet. Words cannot describe the love I have for him.

Our life lately has also been including LOTS of Fro-Yo. We found this place called Yogurtology that actually has toppings and bottomings for your froyo and cup dividers for different flavors. They do it right!

Well, that's a little recap of my life lately! I hope you are all enjoying the blessings of life each day and remembering to savor the good moments when they come your way! God bless! 


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