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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Power of a Positive Attitude

WORK OUT: This morning I ran an easy 3 miles at 6mph (I am slowing way down from my normal 7.5mph pace to give my body a rest during this season for various medical reasons) followed by walking 30 min at 4mph pace on my treadmill. I finished the last episode of Parenthood on Netflix. It was a tear-jerker! Now I need to find a new show.

Last night, I went to a girlfriend's house for our monthly dinner club. We started this group about 2-3 years ago and rotate to each others houses each month for a 3 course meal. It is a great way to stay connected in each others' lives and enjoy new tasty recipes made from scratch.

Last night was a special night, one girl announced her husband's promotion! She now can be a stay-at-home mom which is something she has always dreamed of. The only bittersweet part is they are moving to DC. We will miss her deeply.

Another announcement last night was a pregnancy! I love celebrating the joys in each of our lives together. I think all to often we tend to think of the negative things in our lives. What is going wrong in our lives. What could I have done better? Why wasn't I faster in that race? Why did I have to get behind a slow person on the road? Why am I always late? etc etc ETC.

I heard a great message yesterday on Serious XM radio about how God actually allows those negative things to happen in our lives to grow us. It's not about what is happening to us, its about what happening for us. Next time we are caught in a negative mindset or an unhappy situation because of someone else we need to remind ourselves that this is an opportunity to grow and learn. Also God allows us to cross paths with negative people so they can see how we react.

I found this quote the other day on Pinterest.

It's hard to be grateful in adverse situations but sometimes that is what we are to do to grow and shape us into even better people. In various trials, consider it per joy (Paul writes in the Bible). 

Today I choose to focus on the why not the what. Why am I placed in this situation? To grow and show God's love to those who need it most. 

Hope you have an amazing day! Find something to be grateful for and focus on it :-) 

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