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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life Lately

I haven't written in forever it seems! These past few weeks have been Weddings Galore for us! We had a wedding last Saturday and then the following Friday. Who doesn't love a dinner party celebrating love? 

One wedding was an outdoor affair at a golf course, while the other one- an inside dance party.
I love it when Bryan gets dressed up! In his perfect world everyone would wear work out shorts and t-shirts everyday, but doesn't he look so handsome in a suit?

Aside from Weddings, we have been keeping busy with volunteer events, church, work, and leadership development courses. Life is busy, but busy is good! 

My nephew came to visit a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved spending time with him! 
Seriously I cannot get enough of that kid!

As far as running, I have been consistent but not doing any serious training lately. I have been keeptng to my 5 miles a day 5 x a week routine and it is working for me for now. 
New Nike Running Shoes + Running on the weekend in the sunshine = PURE HAPPINESS! 

Have a great night! I hope to check in on here more often!


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