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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sometimes you just need to.....

GO FOR A WALK. Since buying a house last November, Bryan and I have really enjoyed living in Jupiter/Tequesta area.   Recently, one afternoon, we decided to go for a walk at a nearby trail.  It was beautiful.

We have definitely had our share of House Projects these last few months

(and found ourselves wanting to dive in the pool instead! haha)

So it was really nice to get some fresh air and enjoy nature for a bit.


After a few hours hiking around, we were so energized and it helped us to remember why we moved to the northern part of Palm Beach County in the first place.  It is really a beautiful place.

Sometimes we need to take time for ourselves. Even if there are a million home projects or reading assignments, or work emails- just a few hours to enjoy life is so important! 


Today's Workout:

I am hoping to get a 30min run in tonight after work. I get so recharged once I have some time outside.


What things/hobbies do you like to do to "recharge"
I love nature and a good read.

What is something you like about the place you live?

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