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This is a blog about my life.... about living healthy through faith in God, exercise, good food, relationships, friendships, etc...


I strongly believe in balancing exercise 4-6 days a week with a healthy diet to prolong your body's range of motion and flexibility.  It may feel hard to exercise at times and we all lose motivation.  That's why I love exercise blogs!  They are real people enjoying life and fitting in exercise daily.  They are inspiring! :-)

I came across a quote the other day that really stuck with me. It was basically along the lines of: "don't focus on being skinny, if you exercise regularly and clean up your diet, your weight will take care of itself" I have gained and lost the same 10lbs for as long as I can remember- these pictures were taken at my lower weight.  But my happiness doesn't come from the scale reading anymore thank God!  I am healthy and I enjoy food and I really do enjoy running.
The following quotes also motivate me a lot.


And as always, the benefits of running and exercise are really only maximized with a healthy diet.

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