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Monday, September 28, 2009


I arrived in Miami this morning to start training. I love it here! The people are amazing, the city is beautiful, and they got me a hotel with a GYM!!!! (yay!!!)

I got to the hotel around 7 tonight, went for a run and am relaxing at the hotel with some Dave Matthews. Today I also realized that it is only going to get easier to get over Mr. Ex. I have to fight the urges to call him and want to see him, and love him and crawl back into his arms. He has changed. He is not the same guy I knew. He probably doesn't miss me... I HAVE to get over him and realizing- each passing day- that I am going to be ok. I am happy, healthy, and have a bright future ahead of me. Slowly, but surely, I am growing into someone who is content and thankful for my life RIGHT now in this very moment. That song "Where are you going?" is playing... I am going somewhere!

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