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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The next step

Last night I decided to take the first step in the long process of going back for my MBA: looking through the GMAT book at Barnes and Noble. No, I did not yet purchase the book, but I figured I had to start somewhere right? After a quick 40 min run at the gym, Bryan and I grabbed a quick bite at Moe's SW Grill and then hit the books. It was actually fun (my inner nerd is now coming out). It was like a late night college study party- complete with a HUGE chocolate chunk cookie- fresh from the cafe - and a small decaf coffee.

I can imagine this is what it would have been like had Bryan and I met in college. Which, I am thankful we did not. Unfortunately, I was a super over-achiever in college in every sense of the word and lived for 4 years with my head in a book or my feet racing on a track. Well, ok not really- but I am just glad to have met Bryan later in life when I have more time for .... you know... LIFE! :)

Not to get all sappy lovey-dovey on you, but life with Bryan keeps getting more and more exciting every time we see each other. I am so in love and it feels amazing! He is motivated, as am I, so it is perfect that we both are at this stage in our lives to start pursuing our Masters Degrees. The next step in education is a big step but I feel confident and excited to begin!

Tonight- study session no 2... (maybe I'll get a scone or cupcake this time).

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