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Monday, April 4, 2011

Daniel Fast

So today is my third day on the Daniel fast. So far I feel good and full of energy! I started the day by drinking a huge glass of water and taking a multi-vitamin before breakfast. The multi-vitamin is still making me a little nauseous since I have gone most of my life without taking one. Likewise, it is also making this fast bearable.

I have learned so much on this fast so far. Everytime I have a craving for meat/sweets I turn my focus to why I am fasting and the craving goes away. (and peanut butter helps too!) I am fasting to devote more attention to prayer and not take things for granted in my life. Also, there are so many health benefits to eating natural foods, just the way God created them for us to eat.

This morning I chopped up a huge bowl of fruit, sprinkled with flax seeds. It was delicious! Last night I made a Thai Peanut dish with firm tofu, sliced ginger, soy, all-natural crunchy peanut butter, flax seeds, and snow peas served in lettuce wraps. \

Not only has my cravings for sugar and meat diminished greatly, but I have found that I have much more time to devote to prayer when food is within limitations. It is simple to decide what to eat when the options are simple. Protein: beans, or tofu. /Fat: nuts, PB /Carbs: brown rice, veggies, and fruits.... I can try new variations of the foundational foods and still have a balanced diet.

I have also noticed that I am more dependent on God which is the way I hope to always be.

The harder times will be when I am in groups- like going out with friends and ordering iced tea. I am just thankful to be able to change my diet so easily. In so many third world countries people don't even have that option! They have to eat whatever they can get their hands on to survive. Here, I am able to go to the grocery store/green market and buy any fruit I want. I am so blessed! The fast reminds me of that and reminds me to pray for the harsh poverty found in so many parts of the world.

Question: Have you ever tried the Daniel Fast? Why did you try it? I am doing it to inspire my prayer life, to improve my health, and to cleanse my body for 21 days.


  1. I should really consider this fast. I think it would really provide me with what I need, both physically and spiritually :)

  2. It was a great experience. Even now I am reaping the benefits of feeling stronger physically and spiritually. Food-wise, it really changes your perspective on food- I had a bite of pizza last night and felt disgusted with all the grease I tasted in that one bite.