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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crafty Night + Training to Eat Chocolate

Every once in a while I get crafty. It was late last night but I was not tired so I decided to give my new Stampin Up Special Occasions stamp set a try. With Mother's Day right around the corner I figured it was a perfect time to make a few cards. But first I needed a little bit of...

THIS! A Starbucks Grande Zen Tea Latte with a splash of Soy. Ahhh, love that drink :) Anyways, I am just starting out in the world of designer card-making so I decided to make two cards:

One for my mom- using textured paper, pink card stock, a stamp, and cute flower designs I found in the latest Very Bradley catalog. I love saving catalogs and magazines from scrapbooks, etc. I also made...

One for Bryan's mom. I found the palm tree in the latest Anthropology catalog. I thought it blended well with the travel/vintage scrapbook paper. His mom runs a landscaping business so I thought some type of plant/tree/fern was fitting to include in her card, haha.

Earlier last night I got in a gym workout of 5 miles. I had a burst of energy on the last mile and I noticed a guy checking out my treadmill time when I got off the machine. I love it when people notice my hard work- did I just say that out loud?

Later that night as I was leaving the gym he asked me: "so ...is it marathons or triathlons?" I just laughed and told him neither, "its training to eat chocolate." It made me think about my training schedule though. I am really missing the competitive high I used to get from racing every week. There are a few 5Ks coming up this summer. I want to get back into racing.

Question: Do you train just to train or do you train to race?

I used to love the competitiveness of racing and training with a purpose. Now it seems that I am just running to stay in shape. I long to get back into racing again though. I just need the courage to sign up for a 5K and wake up early on a Saturday. ;-) haha.

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