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Thursday, August 25, 2011


"I always loved running...it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
-Jesse Owens

That is what I love about running. It is so independent. When I first started running back in high school, my friend Sarah and I would run up to 6-9miles each workout. We loved just settling into a pace, talking, and reaping the benefits.

It always takes a little discipline to get going, to tie those shoe laces, to get changed into running gear, and to take that first step. The end feeling always lifts my spirits.

I used to get discouraged each time I went out there and had a bad run, slow time, sore muscles, etc. But now I try to run with gratitude. When I get back and think- "that run was okay, I could have done better" I redirect those thoughts to reflect "I got to exercise today!!! :-)"

I talked to my mom the other day and she mentioned how hard it is recovering from surgery and not being able to exercise. But despite that she is still focusing on the positive things- spending time with family, letting her body restore so she can be healthier when she is able to work out again.

Life comes down to a choice. Am I going to focus on what I can't do?... or am I going to focus on what I CAN do :-)

I read an article in SELF magazine today about Jennifer Hudson's incredible weightloss story. When asked "How did you get yourself going?"

She replied "Four days after my cesarean section, I began walking 30 minutes everyday. It was my therapy, my moment to myself, and it was all I could do. I figured, me walking is better than me sitting on the couch. Even if I can't climb a mountain or do 100,000 push-ups, these steps matter, and they're leading somewhere."

Every step leads somewhere!

The opening quote by Jesse Owens can really be applied to all aspects of life. Starting something and enjoying the process no matter how hard it may be at times.

I love the picture at the opening of this post. It was taken in college after a cross country competition. I went to do a cool-down in the woods with one of my friends from the team. It hadn't been my fastest race, but I was able to realize that sometimes all you can do is your best.

I was able to bounce out of my sulken-ness and enjoy the rest of the night with the team- encouraging them on their good runs. I made a choice and didn't get discouraged the next training day.

Todays Workout:
Funny, today I am actually not even running! I am doing yoga tonight to let my body rest.

When did you start exercising? Did you grow up playing sports or just decide one day to try something on your own or with a friend?

I started as a swimmer, swim lessons from K-9th grade. Then one day I decided with my best friend that running would be fun. We went for it and loved it ever since!


  1. I agree with you, every step matters. A few years ago I went from running 20 mile runs to mono which left me unable to walk around the block without becoming sick. This lasted for a whole year which turned into me becoming depressed. Eventually I took myself off the bed and started as slowly as 5 minutes on the bike three times a week. Well that 5min turned into 45 in about three months. Every step counts and makes you stronger!

  2. Wow, what an amazing story of determination! Thank you for sharing!