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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Cake + The Good Life

A bit of good news to start the day off. I talked to my mom on the phone today and she is feeling much better today! Her recovery from surgery has been a long process but she was in high spirits today so I was thankful!

This was the balloon we got her at the hospital. It came with a prescribed daily dosage of looking at it for 5 minutes a day to speed up recovery ;-)

The drive home was long. 3 hours long. But it is always worth every minute to spend a few days with my family! Its always hard leaving them! But.....

Coming back to enjoy this helped! ;-) It was my friend Zach's birthday and we decided to get a group together at Juno Beach for a few rounds of volleyball and the deliciousness pictured above!

The group was glad to be under the shade after a 2 hour straight session of back-to-back games. (I was on the winning team a few times!!!).

After a nice refreshing day at the beach, Bryan and I spent some time together back at my condo. I missed him so much and the distance (spending 5 days apart while I was with my family) brought us closer.

I am ready to pick out my wedding ring! haha- just kidding! I am, but I am also happy to enjoy the place we are at in our lives RIGHT now :-) Dating, having tons of the same friends, going through life together. He is my best friend and I get butterflies when I see him.

Life is good and I am right where I want to be.

Today's Workout:
I slept in. I was up pretty late at my friend Lisa's house watching the Bachelor Pad. (how am I sooo addicted to it!?!?!) I am planning a nice 5miler tonight after work.

Other 'Good News':
The hurricane changed courses and is no longer heading towards Florida- THANK GOD!!!!
My friend Lisa (from last night) is having a baby boy today!!!!!!!

What is "good news" for you right now?


  1. I am SO addicted to that show too:) Girl, I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I am glad your mom is doing better! That cake looks amazing!

  2. thank you Janae! Coming from the Blog Queen I HIGHLY value your input :-)