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Friday, December 2, 2011


I love adventure at heart!  I am happiest when I try something new and accomplish something I was afraid to try. 

No, I will still NOT jump out of a plane at this point, but I did try paintballing!

Bryan, two of his friends, and I went paintballing the other day for nearly 3 hours.  It was so fun to strategize ways to get to the opponent's side of the field without getting shot. 

Mid game, Bryan and I tried to give each other a kiss through our masks.  Cheesy, I know :D

Today's Workout:
5 miler at the gym
50 leg raises

What's an adventurous activity you tried and loved?


  1. I'm curious, did the paintballs hurt quite a bit when they hit you or wasn't it too bad? I don't have too much of a desire to go paintballing, but if I was with the right people I would.

  2. They actually weren't too bad! We made a rule that there was no shooting a person who was 15ft away or less.