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Friday, February 17, 2012

Date-Night Re-Cap

For our date night (which happened to be on Valentines Day) Bryan and I went to our favorite spot -Cheesecake Factory - for salads and (OFCOURSE!) dessert.  A perfect meal in my opinion always involves high protein and TONS of sugar carbs ;-)

We exchanged gifts:

Roses from Bryan

A gift from me :-) (with several pairs of running socks because I ALWAYS borrow his)

Homemade cookies

Gluten Free Butterscotch glazed Sugar Cookies
I was so nice to enjoy each other's company and talk about where the year has taken us so far.  Next month we will have been dating for 22 months! I know its crazy to believe how fast time flies!

After dinner we went for a littel walk around CityPlace, WPB and rented a movie. 

Crazy Stupid Love starring Steve Carell

I thought it was great!  Steve Carell is so funny.  I recommend it to all :-)

Anyways, off to run errands for work!

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