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Friday, June 7, 2013

How We Met- A Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Today Bryan and I started planning our one year anniversary trip. We are going to Cancun, Mexico.  Our anniversary is in October, but we decided we should plan it now so we get a good deal on flights, etc. All this planning had me reminiscing of when we first met!

It all started with a sundae. It was a typical Friday evening. My roommate Jessica and I were trying on different outfits, trying to find the right accessories to match, and modeling on a zillion shoes in the length-sized mirror to get ready. We were going to Taverna Opa- a Greek Tavern to meet up with friends.

Once we arrived we walked through the crowds at City Place in West Palm Beach, FL and spotted our group of friends. I noticed someone new in their midst. Hmmm, I thought. Who is this guy?!? He's cute!

After an order of drinks, my friend Dan introduced us. His name was Bryan. The more we talked, the more I became impressed. A second grade teacher? Awwww, tooo cute. A Midwestern boy? Awesome! He wears Aldo shoes? Nice!!!! We seemed to have a lot of things in common too.

A few hours later, everyone was ready to head to the next bar when I suggested getting ice-cream instead. "I'm definitely in!" he said. I was in love!

We split a chocolate sundae and the rest is history! He asked me out 2 days later (despite the fact that I accidently dripped chocolate syrup all over his Aldo shoes). I guess it was meant to be!


I am so happy to have met and married (last October) my best friend!

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