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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Being a good citizen

MY RUN: Last night I went for a beautiful run around 5:30pm.  It was in the low 80s, breezy and perfect.  It reminded me of a summer afternoon- (although it is end of January)

I love running near golf courses! So pretty.

I ended up running about 40minutes or roughly 4-5miles. It was a nice relaxed pace and just what I needed.

RE-FUEL: After my run I enjoyed a refreshing green smoothie - blueberries, carrots, protein powder, and baby kale = delicious!  (well....almost delicious- next time I will be adding more blueberries and less kale)

In other news.....Let's talk Jury Duty for a minute.

I got the little yellow juror card I my mailbox a few weeks ago and preparing to go this week.  I know that going and spending 9 hours a day at the court it is the right thing to do, but honestly, I hope it is a short trial. 


Also, I really don't know what I would do in a murder trial, how do you really know if someone is guilty or not by just looking at them?  I could go off my impression of them but in reality that's not fair.  I can't imagine anyone not looking panicked or upset when held on trial for something they did or did not do. I am just praying it isn't a serious trial. 


A friend of mine went to a jury duty interview a few years ago and was able to get out of it.  I kind-of want to get out of the obligation too, but I know that I shouldn't give a fluff/bogus answer at the interview to try to sway them from picking me.  I am going to truly stand up for my beliefs- and if they pick me- so be it!  That is what being a good-standing citizen is all about.

Have you ever been to jury duty?  Was it a serious case?


  1. Ahh your Florida weather looks amazing! I luckily have moved enough to avoid jury duty, but I have a feeling I'll get called soon...

    1. haha,I know, Jury Duty always calls when you least expect it! But in hindsight- it wasn't bad at all. I basically drank coffee from the jury café, and watched a movie on a big screen in comfy seats. And then due to weather they ended up cancelling a bunch of the trials and sent us home. lol- a pretty relaxing day actually!