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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Weekend

Ahhhh, weekends, don't you just love them?  This post is just a random, fun post about my weekend- how I am staying healthy and happy and enjoying the blessings of life.
Starting out, I wanted to share a picture from my commute home the other day.  I had never driven this road before.  I found myself driving for 10-15miles in a canopy of trees that was absolutely breath-taking.  I had to keep pinching myself- I seriously felt like I was in Savannah Georgia or something.
needless to say, I will be driving this way home more often
Other happenings from the weekend included a Friday night event, my husband and I attended at our church that had a chocolate fountain! 

Glorious glorious chocolate!!

It was also chilly out that night and they had a few bon-fires set-up for s'mores outside at the event.  I know it sounds crazy, but us Floridians can't handle 50-degree weather.

This took me back to my camp days :-) sigh....love...

The rest of this weekend has been very relaxing.  I did a 50minute spin class Saturday morning, got some groceries done at Costco (love those free samples!), and have been able to get in some good reading.  I am currently reading "The Beauty of Broken"  and so far I like it.  I love armoires and it falls into that category.

A side note- this Coconut PB is absolutely delicious!  I just discovered it at Publix today.  It is GF, Vegan, and 100% awesome. I am still trying to think of what I will use it for... so far I just love eating it straight from the jar!


I also got my hair done- low-lights and highlights.  I love spending a few hours at the salon every few months.  I feel so refreshed and pampered when I leave.  I know with our new house that this expensive perk can't stay in my life forever, but I am enjoying it for the time being! ;-)

My new highlights/lowlights

Since this post is random I thought I would leave you with another random encouragement that I stumbled across last night:

"Take Delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desires. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and he will help you" Ps37:4-5

Sometimes it is so nice to sit back with a cup of coffee and delight in a good bible read.


What was your workout the past few days?

Do you have a daily commute?  Is it long?
Mine varies since I am a marketing rep. But I love when I get to drive in beautiful scenery- which is not too often since I am mostly on the highway or in cities.

Tell me something fun about your weekend.

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