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Thursday, February 13, 2014

House Update; Paint samples

Last night I did another couple of treadmill miles after work. I was getting cloudy outside and I knew rain would be coming so I decided not to risk it. In the end I did 4 miles again.

I am excited to announce that we finally are ready to paint our place!! (HUGE GRIN) Later on, last night, while I was at bible study, Bryan and my mother-in-law did a few test walls of the paint color we are still deciding on for our main living/dining area. We decided to try out "Breath of Fresh Air" by Benjamin Moore.

I came home and knew instantly that it seemed a little to boys bedroom-ish.  Sometimes you just have to try something to know for sure. I started looking through pinterest and came across a "Creative" inspired pallet at Lowes and think I may change the walls to a light teal. Called "Geyser," it could be pretty:

Or there is always the pallet below:


So basically, I have no idea what I want!  Here's to a lot more samples in the coming weeks! :-)


Do you like color on the walls or neutrals?  (I am just curious for feed-back for a re-sale standpoint)

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