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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Day Before - Wedding Recap

As Valentines day is approaching I thought it would be a nice tribute to recap my wedding 16months ago.  We got married at the cutest little chapel in West Palm Beach, along the waterway.  Everything about my special day was a fairytale and I love reliving each emotion as I write it all down- for the first time. Here it goes....starting with
"The Day Before the Wedding"

Since my parents live in Orlando area and my mom hadn't had much of a chance to help me plan a lot of the wedding, she decided to come down a few days before the wedding to spend some time with me and get the last minute details together.

While I say she didn't have much time to plan with me, she definitely helped out a lot from a far- she even took on the task of purchasing and putting together the centerpieces which was such a blessing!  She made my vision of "rustic fall" come to life in every sense and I am beyond grateful for that!
One of the things I had been considering for the wedding was whether or not I would get a spray tan.  I went back and forth on the issue and the final determining factor was of all things "RUNNING."  I spoke to the salon and they said I could not by any means go for a run the day before my wedding with my mom because it would cause the tan to streak.  Thankful for the salon's honesty, I quickly declined and was so happy I did.  
The morning before, my mom and I got up relatively early and went for a 30min jog around my neighborhood, near the golf courses. 


Although I had run the route beside the golf courses near where I live dozens of times, this run was particularly special to me.  The entire time, my mom and I caught up on things, life, and discussed the exciting plans for the upcoming weekend wedding events. It was so nice to just take a moment to "be" and enjoy.  The sun was shining and I felt so much more at peace having started everything off with a run.
After the run, we ate a quick breakfast of pastries and coffee at Panera
Then I headed off to get a mani/pedi with my bridesmaids while my mom did some last minute craft store runs. I had booked two appointments- a manicure/pedicure and an appointment to get false lashes.  It was so nice to finally relax and pamper myself after all the stress of planning.
After my fashion pampering, I headed back to our condo where I met up with a few other bridesmaids and my friend Rophe to assemble the bouquets.  I had always wanted calla lilies and hydrangeas for my bouquets/décor and stumbled across a great deal on Costco.com. 
The final product on my wedding day....
These are shots from the first look and they show the bouquet pretty well. It was right in line with my "Rustic Fall" theme :-)
My friend Rophe luckily had some wedding bouquet-making experience and she generously helped my mom and bridesmaids out together all the flowers while I packed for the Honeymoon (yes, VERY last minute, I know) The flower bouquets turned out absolutely gorgeous in the end! 

While I was packing, Bryan came over to keep me company and do some packing of his own (he had moved all his stuff over to my apartment- soon to be "our apartment").  I was so excited- thinking that just 48hrs from that very moment we would be on a plane traveling to a gorgeous country we both had never been as husband and wife.

The only thing that made the whole packing experience EVEN better!?! 
Rophe had brought us Starbucks to enjoy while we packed! :-)

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