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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Recap: First Glance

V-Day is 4 days away, I thought I'd continue with my wedding recap - being featured the month of February 2014 on the blog.  Right where I left off, after getting ready, it was time for our ....
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A lot of couples choose whether to do a "first glance" or not.  I always had thought I would be more traditional on my wedding day and wait to see the groom in the chapel, however when I saw the venue I changed my mind.  I am so glad I did!  We knew it would be perfect to have that intimate moment, just us two, in the garden outside the chapel before walking down the aisle. 
One of the reasons I was so happy we did a "first glance" was that it was a "ceremony" in itself. Another memory to add to the amazing moments of the day.  It was so sweet and intimate seeing each other for the first time and really did a lot to calm our nerves.
We decided to allow immediate family members and our wedding party to view the first look from a distance. It actually made the event extra special and we ended up getting tons of pictures- from every angle - from them!  It was also nice to include the people most important to us in this moment before we went into a more public setting.  Our wedding was not too large (90-120 people), however, it was nice to have something special, including those people that had invested in our lives and were a part of the wedding in some way.
It is completely up to each couple whether or not a "first look" or "first glance" is right for you.  For us, and for our venue, it was.
We laughed later on about how we were both shaking prior to the moment- out of nervous energy and excitement.  It was nice to calm our nerves before the big event.
 A few moments to just us!  :-)
There was something so unique about this moment. We both were feeling the same emotions together. We were one step closer to becoming Mr and Mrs, and adding this extra moment into the day let us have some time to let it soak in and enjoy the moment.

 It gave us time step back and rest for a moment.
To admire each other without tons of people watching us.


For all who have been married, Did you do a "first glance/look"?

For all who are planning their wedding, Are you going traditional or doing a "first glance/look"?

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