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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Reality

Sometimes I overanalyze things. After speaking to him last night, he told me, reassured me, that he wants more than ever to be with me. He doesn't want other guys to move in. He wants to pursue me. He said he has told me his faults in past relationships because he wants to be open and honest with me from the beginning. He also said he regrets those things and that he can't take them back. But more than anything he wants to grow deeper in what we have together and he doesn't want to pursue any other girl but me. He also said that in times when we want to see each other or talk to each other and can't - we should turn to God. That is the beauty of long distance - instead of becoming overly consumed in each other - we can also use it as an opportunity to grow spiritually.

I feel that everything will be so much better once we see each other again. It will allow me to see his character by the way he interacts with my family. My past relationship was different in the fact that I already knew the guy so in depth before I brought him home that my familiy's opinion of him, though still important, didn' t have as much weight in my decision. But now- what my family thinks of him is truely important because they are getting to know him along side me.

Long distance is still something so new to me and to him, but we are taking each moment as it comes.

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